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Lectures Junior Set 1
Books 1-15 Easy, leveled readers especially written for early language learners Low beginner / beginner
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Lectures Junior Set 2
Books 16-33 Leveled, age-appropriate dialogues for young adults learning French High beginner through low intermediate
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Lectures Jeunesse Set
9 Books Leveled, age-appropriate dialogues for young adults learning French Low intermediate / intermediate
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Lectures Ados Set
11 books Current teen issues in simple, authentic French for the YA foreign language learner. Low intermediate / intermediate
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Bandes Dessinées Set 1
Books 1-16 Easy French comics for early language learners. Grades 3-6. Low beginner / beginner
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Bandes Dessinées Set 2
Books 17 to 28 Easy, age-appropriate French 'bandes dessinées' for teenagers who are starting to learn French. Beginner / high beginner, ages 13 and up
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