As a grade five extended French teacher, I have found that aquila products are easy to access for students beginning in their study of their second language. The themes are engaging and easy for students to relate to, and the visuals and graphics help to scaffold the reading strategies that students need to build in order to become confident, independent readers.

Mandi Kofira, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

I love using the Aquila bandes dessinées with my students because they are so accessible - even for novice-level learners. The pictures, simple dialogue, and extensive use of cognates create a highly comprehensible reader. I've had students who are brand new to the study of French find success when reading these high-interest comics.

Nathan Lutz, Kent Place School

I’ve been using the Récits-Légendes-Mystères series for my intermediate core classes. It’s very difficult finding reading material that is interesting for students but core/grade level appropriate. The kids enjoy this series and get a lot of learning out of it! A win win situation!!

Suzanne Goudreau, Toronto District School Board

I just purchased a few of the books & audio ebooks for our school. What a great way to cover all 4 strands of the curriculum using these books & ebooks by Aquila. Students are engaged!!! They are using technology (which they love; whether the chrome books or computer lab) to access the ebooks. The new curriculum emphasizes the importance of oral communication within the French as a Second Language classroom. I see students using these ebooks to practice their oral French whether at home or at school. Students are getting a faster understanding of the story because they are seeing the story & listening at the same time. In turn, these resources save me time & make my job easier. Kids are finding French fun.

Maria Provost